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Bleuprnt insights showing a massive increase in a clients analytics within the first 7 days of working with their account.
 Bleuprnt Analytics from the last 90 Days showing a 418% increase in accounts reached, a 321% in Accounts Engaged, and a 24.3% increase in Total Followers

Mercedes-Benz of St. Clair Shores is a reputable dealer of Mercedes-Benz automobiles located in Metro-Detroit. One the surface, it operates as another premier location for the global brand of the esteemed car company, but to the community it serves as a beacon of progressive entrepreneurship and world class customer service. It is one of the few Mercedes-Benz locations that is black and family-owned & operated in America.

Bleuprnt was hired in January of 2022 to manage the client’s social media presence. We began reconstructing two profiles: Instagram and Facebook. At the start of the contract, the client had little-to-no content, a non-engaged audience, and unreliable influencers representing the dealership. The client’s goals were to increase engagement, drive traffic, and to create dynamic content.

Within the first 90 Days, our priorities included redesigning the profile, awakening the current audience, onboarding new influencers, and most importantly, creating new dynamic content for social media. We began by archiving low performing content. We then organized a weekly content photoshoot to build a growing content bank. From there, we created a solid content schedule to generate engagement and consistency. Bleuprnt successfully increased the client’s engagement by 320% and its reach by over 418%.

The contract between MBOSCS and Bleuprnt began February 2022 and was reinstated February February 2023.

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