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Meet Our Social Media Managers & Founder

Hi guys, I’m Jessica! I am the social media manager and strategist at Signed By Bleuprnt. I have been a social media manager since 2019. I didn’t know that my career would be rooted in social media marketing initially, but I must say, I absolutely adore being a social media manager.

My first experience as a social media manager began with The Lip Bar Detroit. I managed the brand’s flagship store Instagram and immediately grew the following to 10K followers in less than 1 year. I then became the social media manager for the brand’s verified account shortly after. Since then, I have acted as the social media manager for many brands including Hoopmobb and Alodia Haircare.

My favorite part about being a social media manager is the ability to help brands grow! I created Signed By Bleuprnt in efforts to remove the intimidation away from social media. My social media marketing agency consists of a small team that’s dedicated to making the lives of business owners easier. Let’s get your social media in better shape.

We’ll Give You the Best Social Media Results

Welcome to Signed By Bleuprnt! Every member of our Social Media Marketing team including our Project Managers, HR Coordinaters, Graphic Designers and Account Managers are prepared to share our expertise with you to grow your social media!

Our favorite part about being social media managers is the ability to help brands grow!  Our social media marketing agency consists of a versatile team that’s dedicated to helping our clients utilize the tool of social media as efficiently as possible. One of our modes of lightening the social media load is our scheduling of posting. You give us the content, and we'll show you how to get social media on your side. Let’s get your social media in better shape.

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We are willing to manage the following social media profiles: Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

We Specialize In the Following Platforms


Our blueprints include compelling Instagram strategies.

It’s no secret that Instagram is one of the best platforms for businesses to showcase their offerings.

A blueprint created from us means increased visibility on your followers' Instagram feed, your Instagram profile, and your Instagram stories.

Signed By Bleuprnt knows exactly what to do to bring more eyes to your business on Instagram from Detroit and surrounding cities. Let us show you how.


We love to create blueprints for our clients’ Facebook accounts! Facebook is the powerhouse of social media so we approach the platform the respect it demands.

We understand that as a social media marketing agency, we have to do all that we can to ensure that our clients are set up for success now that Facebook is essentially taking over everything.

Our blueprints feature some of the most competitive tactics to make sure your Facebook profile has everything it needs for audiences
from Detroit and the greater Detroit area know that you are the best in the city.


Some of the most memorable moments happen on TikTok; in recent years TikTok has become arguably the leader in creating the most organic viral sensations.

It is the perfect place to get real-time feedback from your customers. We put together strategies that will show your customers that you are actively listening and engaging with them. We will also help create content that's authentic to you.

We won't force you to participate in any TikTok dancing. We promise.


We’ll Give You the Best Social Media Results in Detroit

Signed by Bleuprnt Social Media Agency Detroit Marketing and Management Notepad and Pen

Each blueprint is 100% custom to meet the needs of each client. For example, a blueprint can include specific ways to increase your social media following. A blueprint can also include a schedule to ensure consistency on your social media profiles.

Unlike other social media agencies in Detroit, we do the hard work for you. Signed by Bleuprnt will audit your social media in its current state, speak with you to create short-term goals, provide the strategies for your profiles, create a schedule for you, and more!

Signed by Bleuprnt Social Media Agency Detroit Marketing and Management Pen and Notepad
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Common Social Media Questions We Receive

How can I increase my social media following?

One of the quickest and most effective ways to grow your social media following is by posting original content consistently. Videos are highly recommended! By posting original content consistently, your followers will share your content with their friends and they’ll share with their friends!

It’s intimidating to promote my business on social media, what should I do?

Promoting your business on social media can absolutely feel intimidating initially, we get it. To combat this, try thinking of your followers as your friends. This will help break down that wall and it will feel less formal. Remember, social media is the place to have conversations and doesn’t require a bunch of formalities.

Can Signed By Bleuprnt manage my social media?

Yes, we can manage up to (2) social media profiles as long as we have the availability Click here to inquire about our social media management services

How much should I be posting on social media?

Posting consistently is very important. You should set and maintain your consistency around a schedule that works for you. However, we recommend at least 2-3 times per week.

Do I need to include TikTok in my social media strategy?

Nope! TikTok is not necessary to have a strong social media presence.